Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control India 2022


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  • Automatic & Manual Swing Mechanism
  • EN Certified Singing Baby Cradle
  • Which is the most stringent certification standard by EU
  • Equipped with Remote Controlled 5 speed motor
  • Automatic Baby Jhula can be controlled at a finger touch
  • Comes with smart timer which can be scheduled for 15, 30 & 60 minutes
  • Built-in 18 tunes & 6 natures soothing music, which can be controlled remote


Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control India 2022 | Reviews

Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control India 2022

Sleep plays a very important role in stimulating a baby’s brain and overall development. A well-rested baby is alert and observant to all the activities around him, which ensures the baby’s development is on the correct track.

Did you know that a baby needs at least 11 – 16 hours of sleep up to two years? Hence, we will discuss the Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control by R for Rabbit in detail. It is an auto-swing, musical cradle that is well balanced and comes with 18 tunes and six nature’s music which are soothing & relaxing. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort; it ensures that both parents and baby get appropriate sleep.

When it comes to baby’s sleep, Indian mothers swear by baby jhula (baby cradle or baby bassinet) – it is one of the most trusted baby products, and we’ve seen generations of parents use them. Hence, to serve the modern baby needs, there is a revolutionary Baby Jhula from R for Rabbit that comes with extraordinary features.

Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control Features

Automatic and Manual Swing System

The Lullabies baby cradle is equipped with a five-speed motor that controls the automatic swing mechanism and maintains balance during the swing. The baby jhula can be operated in automatic as well as manual mode.

Soothing Music

It comes with built in 18 tunes and rhymes and six natural sounds to calm a grumpy infant and put them to sleep at any place and time. The tunes volume is easily controlled with the volume rocker located on the cradle or remote control.

3 Point Safety Harness

The manufacturer has taken the baby’s safety into account by adding a 3-point safety harness that secures the infant in the bassinet while sleeping.

Swing Lock

The infant jhula can be used as a standalone sleeping space for the baby by using a swing lock which disarms the swinging feature.

Power Source

The cradle can be powered by batteries and a direct power adapter which is a handy feature.

Safety Canopy

Lullabies baby bassinet comes with a beautiful canopy and a see-through high-quality mosquito net that protects your Lil ‘one from insects bites and comes with a cushion and a mattress for the infant.


It weighs just 7 kgs which means you can easily move the cradle without help.

Age & Weight Recommendations

The cradle is suitable for infants aged 0 to 1.5 years and the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer is up to 15 kgs..

Pros & Cons of Automatic Baby Cradle

Baby Cradle


  1. Saves from the pain of rocking the cradle while your baby sleeps
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Beautiful and soothing musical tunes
  4. 100% Beneficial in comparison to the traditional cradle
  5. Easy to transport and carry while you’re travelling.
  6. Lightweight baby bassinet


  1. The height of the cradle is very low.
  2. As the weight of the baby increases. The speed of the swing will reduce
  3. Doesn’t provide a battery with the product

Things to consider before buying Baby Jhula?

The self-rocking baby jhula is an innovative and excellent feature; it not only saves your efforts of rocking the cradle but also ensures your baby sleeps while listening to soothing music. Remember to check the rocking motion before you place your little one.

A firm mattress is essential when buying a baby bassinet. It can be difficult to place the baby on the mattress if it is too loose or soft. A soft mattress can also roll up, causing irritation and difficulties for the baby.

To protect and hold the child, the cradle should have a harness. Babies will appreciate a harness that isn’t too tight. That is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a fancy baby jhula.

Soothing sounds are now available in premium cradles such as Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control from R for Rabbit. White sounds can help babies fall asleep faster, whether they are soothing sounds of water or other sounds from nature.

Transportation is another factor to consider before buying, hence choose a compact cradle. It can be not easy to move a heavy bassinet around the house, and it can take up a lot of space. However, smaller cradles are easily moved on wheels; hence choose wisely before buying.

These days all baby bassinet comes with mosquito nets irrespective of their price, and it is a very good feature to protect your baby from insects. Also, you can quickly check on the baby if they are awake or having difficulty with their movements by using a transparent cover or net.


The innovative design, robust aluminium frame, lightweight and easily foldable construction makes this baby jhula one of the best baby products in the market. Since most of us are working from home, this product is a blessing for working mothers as you no longer need to rock the baby cradle. All you need to do is place your baby in the jhula, and it will do its job.

If price isn’t an issue, then Lullabies Automatic Swing Cradle from R for Rabbit can be one of the best investments you have done for your baby, and it will save your time and efforts without compromising on the safety factor.

So, that concludes the Automatic Baby Jhula with Remote Control India 2022 topic. Do let us know which baby cradle you’re using and why? If you have any questions about this product, you can comment below, and we’d love to answer your queries.

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