Best Baby Carrier Bag with Buckle Straps India 2021

  • Easy to get the baby in and out with this baby carrier.
  • 4 Carrying Position Modes
  • Adjustable buckle and straps
  • The construction maintains physical contact with the baby.
  • Breathable fabric and pocket for putting baby’s favorite item.
  • A movable headrest ensures correct posture
  • Support the baby’s back and neck.



Best Baby Carrier Bag with Buckle Straps India 2021


Chinmay Kids Baby Carrier is very easy to use and comfortable. Made up of excellent cotton fabrics it is soft and sturdy. The minimalist design for both child and parent gives you the freedom to stay active and keep baby securely next to you in your day to day life. Best Baby Carrier Bag will make your life easy allowing you to get on with other tasks.

As a baby gets older carrying him/her in the hug helper means they can interact with you and the people around them while getting a good view of the big wide world. The baby carrier can be used in 4 different Positions/Modes.

Product Features of Chinmay Best Baby Carrier Bag

  • Adjustable and padded straps ease the burden on the shoulders and create a comfortable fit for Moms and Dads of all body types.
  • Stay cool and comfortable with the breathable, 3-D ventilated back pad that helps control airflow, and a fully adjustable structure that lets you find just the right temperature.
  • This baby carrier from the house of Chinmay Kids is made with soft fabrics and materials that are safe, durable, and gentle from the outside.
  • Chest Way
  • Kangaroo Style
  • Back Carry
  • Cross Arm Carry

How to Use

  • Check that all of the buckles are securely fastened or locked when you use the baby carrier to ensure good support for your baby’s body and neck.
  • Carry the baby with both hands, place its legs first from upwards into the carrier.
  • Carry the baby at the status of sitting.
    If there is anybody to help you, ask them to help you to fasten the lock behind.
  • Anyway, you cannot lose your bands until you are sure that the lock is fastened.
  • It is better to use it for about 30min after suckling to comfort the baby.
  • Never cleanse it with bleacher and strong washing powder to avoid the baby hypersensitivity.


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