Best Prams for Babies in India LuvLap Stroller 2022


  • Reversible handlebar – Allows baby to face parent while strolling
  • 3 position seat recline for baby’s comfort I Carrying Capacity up to 20 kgs
  • Safety Belt to safely secure the baby inside the stroller
  • Comfortable cushioned seat. Material: Steel
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock & Rear wheel breaks
  • Detachable Soft, Washable Seat Cushions I Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Looking window in the canopy – To keep a watch on baby while strolling
  • Storage basket I Back Pocket


Best Prams for Babies in India LuvLap Stroller 2022

Color: Black

LuvLap products are known for their ergonomic design and quality. Your search ends here for Best Prams for Babies. Luvlap strollers are known for their exceptional build quality and great features which makes them the best baby products and a wannabe product for today’s moms. The body is made of steel and high-quality breathable fabric which makes the stroller lightweight as well as user-friendly. The maximum carrying capacity of the pram is 20kgs.

It has a seat belt harness that holds the baby securely, it makes sure your baby is all times comfortably supported while traveling. The reversible handlebar allows the baby to face their parents while strolling. The stroller comes with soft and washable cushioning which can be hand or machine washed. The cushioning is easily detachable for cleaning purposes. The footrest is easily adjustable, it can be adjusted up and down as per the baby’s requirement and mood.

The three-position recline allows you to keep the seat in an upright, inclined, or flat position which allows the baby to sit back and relax or take a nap on a flatbed seat making them feel at home. The stroller front wheel can swivel 360 degrees for easy maneuverability and it can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces. The rear wheels come with brakes that can be easily operated by foot which ensures the stroller does not move unnecessarily. Luvlap Starshine stroller comes with a canopy that protects the baby from direct sunlight as well as harmful UV rays. The canopy is detachable and washable.

Luvlap pram comes with a dedicated storing area that can be used to keep baby essentials while traveling or it can accommodate the shopping bags or packets which ensures your hands are free while you take a baby on a stroll! The stroller also has a small back pocket for storage of essentials such as diapers, tissues, etc.

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