Best Waterproof Bed Mattress protector India 2022


  • Bey Bee no. 1 in mattress protector
  • Waterproof breathable dry sheet with ultra-absorbance
  • Dries faster, no feeling of heat, reusable, absorbent, anti-dust changing mat
  • Keeps your sheets dry and provides protection
  • Against fluids, urine, perspiration, comfortable and noiseless still breathable
  • Economical and light weight, can be sterilized up to 90 degree C
  • Best Waterproof Bed Mattress protector


Best Waterproof Bed Mattress protector India 2022

Size: Small (50cm X 70cm) | Color: Salmon Rose

Bey Bee Best Waterproof bed mattress protector is a comfortable fabric mat with an extra dry layer to forestall bedwetting. Also, the baby’s skin breathes better, enjoys cottony softness, and is kept moisturized against friction. Give your baby the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer periods. This waterproof mattress protector has a cozy, soft, and smooth top surface for the baby to have sound sleep all night with maximum protection.

“Bey Bee” prevents urine and other liquids from going down and dries faster as the fabric layer promotes the removal of water vapor. It allows moisture to pass through, thereby giving comfort to the skin. It’s a choice to PVC mats, rexine-sheets, rubber-sheets & under-pads, that can be uncomfortable, un-breathable, and might cause perspiration. “Bey Bee” is soft, absorbent, and water-resistant, thus, making the mat usable for babies & adults also.

Product Features

Multi Usage

  • Can be used as a mattress protector, on the diaper changing table, in bassinet, cradle, crib, for elderly patients.

Washable/ Dryer Friendly

  • Dry Sheet, Mattress Protector will prevent urine, sweat, and other fluids from penetrating keeping it waterproof and soft even after multiple washes making it durable.

Durable & Waterproof

  • Reusable Dry sheet is machine washable for a sustainable, cost-effective solution.


  • More cost-effective and less wasteful than disposable bed protectors because they can be used again and again.

Multi Colors Available

  • Bey Bee Incontinence Baby dry sheets are available in 4 sizes. ( Small, Medium, Large, Extra large) with 20 colors in each size.


  • Bey Bee’s Best Waterproof Bed Mattress protector dry sheet provides just the right amount of support to have a restful, soothing sleep in complete comfort and giving the best baby care possible.

Product Size Chart

Size 70 X 50 cm 100 X 70 cm 140 X 100 cm 200 X 140 cm
Used for Babies
For Elderly Patients
In-Car/ Chair/ Wheelchair
On Bed
Quick Dry Surface


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