Eranqo Adjustable Baby Carrier with Safety Belt India 2022


  • The best baby carrier in the budget
  • Easily carry 3.5 KG to 15 KG Child.
  • 4 different ways to carry baby
  • facing front, horizontal position
  • Back carry, and baby facing the parent.
  • Cushioned arm and leg hole
  • Adjustable belts and double protection
  • The safety buckle gives a perfect reason to buy this product.
  • Lightweight carrier that is easy use while traveling.


Eranqo Adjustable Baby Carrier with Safety Belt India 2022


Eranqo Adjustable Baby Carrier allows you to carry your baby whenever and where ever you go. The Baby Carrier is an ergonomically designed which lets you wander around outdoors with your baby without creating any hassle with free hands. The adjustable straps cushioned support and handy design makes this piece the perfect tag along with all the other baby products!

Product Features

Product design

The baby carrier is efficiently designed for daily use as it requires little adjustments. The carrier is ideal for growing babies as it provides close proximity to the parents, along with this, it also gives support to the baby’s head, neck, spine, and hips.

Comfortable & Breathable

The baby carrier is designed to give you and your baby through comfort all day long as it is stitched with the material which is soft and breathable to the skin. The carrier is designed with ventilated fabric.

Wide shoulder & lumbar strap

A wide shoulder strap helps to evenly distribute weight properly on both shoulders. The wide lumbar strap provides apt support to your waist and helps to carry your baby easily, the adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap allowing a perfect fit.

Suitable for 6-24 month babies

Eranqo Adjustable Baby Carrier is perfect for babies of 6-24 months old. It comes with a cushioned arm and leg hole with adjustable belts and double protection safety buckle.

Product Care

Remember not to iron, bleach, wring and stretch the carrier as it might cause damage to the structure. Use only mild detergent. Air-dry the baby carrier, do not dry under direct sunlight.

Wash Care for Eranqo Adjustable Baby Carrier

When washing the baby carrier, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. As per the manufacturer, you can hand wash or machine wash this product.

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