Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022


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  • Motor Power: 2.25 HP ( 4.5 HP Peak) DC motor
  • 5” Blue LCD display, Display reading
  • Hand Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance
  • Calories. Belt Size (LxB): 48.81″ X 16.53″
  • Maximum User Weight: 110 Kg. Incline Level
  • Automatic Oil Lubrication
  • 12 preset workout programs for an effective workout
  • Mobile & tablet holder for safekeeping your smart devices
  • Warranty Details: 1 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Part Warranty
  • Suggested to use 4Kva stabilizer for the safety of motor
  • Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022


Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022 | Amazon Reviews

Fitkit treadmill

Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022




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Fitkit FT200 is considered one of the Best Treadmill in India for home fitness; carry out your fitness routine with a treadmill designed for accommodation and proficiency.

Backed up by a solid however silent 2.25HP motor, the Fitkit treadmill is reliable and durable enough to hold significant distance running meetings and backing up to 110 kgs.

A massive LCD allows tracking all essential fitness numbers, including speed, time, separation, grade, heartbeat, and calories burned to keep you motivated.

Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022 Features

The FitKit FT200 is an electric, motorized treadmill that can be used for both walking and running. It is manufactured with a steel frame, which makes it solid and durable. The treadmill comes in wholly assembled form, and the manufacturer also provides free installation & demo services across India.

The Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022 has a 2.25 motor, which delivers a peak performance of 4.5 HP. The motor powers the treadmill to speeds up to 16 km/h while supporting a maximum user weight of 110 kg.

It also comes with auto-inclination mode, which increases the workout difficulty. The Fitbit FT200 treadmill is auto-lubricating; hence you don’t have to worry about lubricating it often, ultimately saving on maintenance costs.

The Fitkit treadmill comes with 12 prebuilt workout programs, which can be customized according to user requirements. The FT200 treadmill comes with a USB port that you can use to listen to music during a workout. The treadmill comes with a revolutionary G-Fit mobile app which is useful in recording your workout vitals.

If you’re looking to purchase Fitkit FT200 treadmill for running, ensure that you weight is below 85 Kgs, as running can put extra load on the tread mill hence you have to discount your weight by 25 kgs.

Fitkit FT200 Best Treadmill for home comes with 5 belt layers for the ultimate walking and running experience.

  • Anti-slip layer
  • Strengthen layer
  • Shock absorption layer
  • Silencing layer
  • Support Layer

Fitbit Treadmill Warranty

Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022 comes with a 1-year motor warranty and three years frame warranty. They have 650 service offices across India; hence you don’t have to worry about maintenance or part replacements.

Fitkit Treadmill for Home Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a powerful motor & best in class features
  • Compitivtavly priced
  • It comes with auto incline and hydraulic folding
  • Excellent service network across India


  • It comes with a 1-year motor warranty only
  • Doesn’t feature a shock absorption mechanism

Conclusion – Is Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022 worth buying?

The FitKit FT200 offers excellent value for money. Fitkit FT200 is one of the best your money can buy treadmill online when you compare the cost, features & warranty. Sure, other treadmill brands in India offer low-cost treadmills, but there is a saying, “You get what you pay”. Hence Fitkit Best Treadmill for Home India 2022 must buy if you are serious enough to lose those extra pounds.

How To Use Treadmill Workouts – Get Fit And Lose Weight

A lot of instructions on how to use the treadmill for the home are available online. It is also good if you ask your personal trainer how to use the treadmill at home, but if not you can always find it on the Internet. Instructions on how to use treadmill for home are being spread everywhere and some of them are conflicting. One way or another, it is very important that you know how to use treadmill for home before you even install it.

There are three kinds of models of treadmills available: incline model, which put forward a gradual incline in the treadmill; the continuous model which offers a continuous running motion but with an intermediate level of incline for the workout; and the multi-station model which is multi-tiered with one station for running, one for jogging, and one for walking. The amount of incline can be adjusted according to your fitness needs and the type of your workout.

To get the best result from using the treadmill, it is always good to know how many calories you are burning during your workout. Based on this information, the appropriate level of incline can be set.

According to a number of online sources, the Fitkit treadmill was rated as the best treadmill for home in 2008 and 2009. This treadmill has various settings that enable you to vary the incline and speed to suit different fitness goals.

In terms of calories workout, Fitkit treadmill was rated as the best. For people who are looking for a simple workout at home, then an incline setting is a good option. For a more challenging workout, you can set the speed to the highest level.

Weight loss: A good treadmill for weight loss should be able to provide the required pace and incline for weight loss. Most treadmills are limited in terms of resistance and calorie count. There are some treadmills that allow you to use both workouts. To achieve weight loss, you should use lower resistance than you do on the actual treadmill to burn more calories.

It is not possible to run or walk on concrete every day. Concrete can only be used for shorter durations as the weather may get rough. For this reason, it is important to have a good treadmill for home that can adapt to changing environments.

Most treadmills available in the market are flexible and can easily be stored in your garage or any other place when not in use.

Hill workouts: You can easily do hill workouts on the Fitkit treadmill. The gentle incline can help you burn lots of calories in a short time. If you want to do long-distance workouts, then an incline is not necessary as you will be using your feet to stay on the ground instead of walking across uneven surfaces. When you are on an incline, you burn more calories at a quicker rate.

One important point while purchasing a treadmill for home is the number of options available. You should purchase a treadmill that has all the features you need. The best treadmill for home can offer you preprogrammed workouts so that you do not have to manually change the mode.

Some treadmills also have other features such as heart monitoring, calorie counter, and telephone dial so that you can talk to your friends if you want to stay in touch with them during your workouts.

Based on the information shared above, now you should be clear on how to use treadmill workouts. The benefits of treadmill are great. In addition to weight loss, you can also improve your health by avoiding the common problems brought by the fast-paced life such as diabetes and heart diseases.

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