LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier 6 to 36 Months Baby India 2022


  • 4 Carrying positions
  • 3 belts – 2 shoulder belts and one waist belt for superior lumbar support
  • Removable and Adjustable hardboard support with air holes
  • To provide protection and support to the baby’s head and back
  • Adjustable side opening buckle, to ensure safety
  • Easy adjustable wide padded shoulder straps
  • Breathable mesh fabric lining, for the parent’s comfort and convenience


LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier 6 to 36 Months Baby India 2022

Color: Black

LuvLap is a well-known brand for baby care products in India. LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier is an excellent example to hold your baby very conveniently. Even, you can easily go forward with your other works like your regular household duties, shopping, and even traveling. Your child would comfortably stay in the cradle-like carrier, and it is safe too.

LuvLap products are carefully planned, which includes carriages, prams, vehicle seats, carts, and other outdoor gear, which lets your infant find the world from the lap of extravagance. The products are ergonomically intended to ensure your child is constantly easily upheld.

So your little one gets the solace that is next just to the glow of your lap. Considered with care and made the utilization of the ongoing wonders of science, all LuvLap items go through more than one quality check before They’re dispatched to the stores. The items are to be had at all driving infant gear and online stores and adjust to the European norms.

Product Features

  • LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier is Suitable for 4 to 24 months, maximum carry weight up to 12 kgs
  • As Per European Standard EN 13209. Ensures the safety & performance of the carrier.
  • Soft Cushioned Seat with padded Arm and Leg Hole openings
  • Makes it a comfy place for your baby to be in.
  • Removable & Adjustable Hard Board Support with Air Holes
  • Provides Support, Protection & Ventilation to baby’s head & back.
  • 4in1 Carrying Positions helps parents carry baby inward-facing, outward-facing, feeding, and Piggyback positions
  • 2 Shoulder Belts with 1 Chest Strap & 1 Waist Belt, for Superior Lumbar Support.
  • Adjustable Wide Shoulder Belts & Waist Belt with Breathable Mesh Fabric Lining for Maximum Comfort
  • Adjustable Side Opening buckle helps easy usage to insert the baby into the carrier. It is adjustable as per the size and comfort of the baby
  • The front pocket helps carry small baby essentials like soothers while on the move

LuvLap Contact Care: [ 18001207897 ]

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