LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier Padded Head Support India 2022


  • Certified as per European Standard EN 13209
  • Safe Product for little ones with 3 Carrying positions
  • Removable Head Support with Cushion
  • Provide additional comfort, protection
  • Support to the baby’s head
  • Comfortable Cushioned interiors with cushioned inner seat
  • Armholes and leg openings for the baby’s comfort
  • Adjustable Side opening Buckle
  • To ensure safety and comfort
  • Soft Bib, to keep both the baby and parent dry and clean
  • 3 Sturdy Padded Shoulder & Waist belts
  • Which provides excellent lumbar support to parent


LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier Padded Head Support India 2022


LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier is one of the bestselling products from LuvLap. Baby carriers have become a must-have baby gear item for every new parent. Because it lets you carry your baby close and still leave your hands free to complete other tasks.

They are more convenient and efficient than pushing a stroller. Their price range is usually between Rs. 700 to Rs. 1500. Deciding which baby wearing India to choose needs a little research.

LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier is carefully designed using the latest technology, it doesn’t compromise with your child’s safety and comfort. Highly cushioned armholes and leg holes protect your baby’s delicate skin against the rubbing while you walk.

The baby’s delicate neck and reinforces head support with a padded hardboard which can be removed in case of any discomfort.

For the safety of the baby is paramount, hence it comes with a total of three belt supports. Two sturdy well-padded shoulder pads give no chance for the baby to fall out while keeping the strain off your shoulders. A wide, well-padded waist belt reduces any form of back pain or backache and holds the baby in its place while you perform daily errands.

The soft bib inside keeps the baby clean and dry. There is a side opening present in the LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier with an adjustable buckle for safety measures. Two wide shoulder straps are made with breathable mesh fabric lining which makes it comfortable to wear even in hot weather conditions.

LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier Product Features

  • LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier is Suitable for 6 to 15 months, maximum carry weight up to 12 kgs
  • As Per European Standard EN 13209 which ensures the safety & performance of the carrier.
  • Soft Cushioned Seat with padded Arm and Leg Hole openings, makes it a comfy place for your baby to be in.
  • 3 in 1 Carrying Positions helps parents carry a baby in the inward-facing, outward-facing, feeding, and Piggyback positions
  • 2 Shoulder Belts & 1 Waist Belt, for Maximum comfort
  • Adjustable Padded Belts, Wide, Cushioned Shoulder Belts & Waist Belt for Superior Lumbar Support
  • Detachable Padded Head Support which provides additional comfort & support to baby’s Head
  • The adjustable Side Opening buckle helps to insert the baby easily into the carrier.
  • It is adjustable as per the size and comfort of the baby
  • Detachable Bib to keep both the baby and parent dry and clean

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