Panda Musical Baby Walker 007 (6 months & up) India 2022


  • Animal shape walker
  • Adjustable height
  • Rattles, electronic musical
  • Wide frame for child safety
  • Cozy seat with backrest
  • Panda Musical Baby Walker 007


Panda Musical Baby Walker 007 (6 months & up) India 2022

Color: BLUE

Panda Musical Baby Walker – The baby walker is a height-adjustable, musical, soft cushion height-adjustable & interactive baby walker with music and play tray to entertain your child and encourage them to take their first steps. The sturdy, stable walker helps babies discover ways to stand and walk. Keep your baby comfortable and content with this baby walker. Baby walkers are ideal for 6 to 18 months of babies. Panda Musical Walker is easy to assemble as there are few parts and the instruction manual is provided with the walker.

The brightly colored baby walker helps your child to find the ground get their footing and take the one’s first steps as they experiment with moving around. Key features pp plastic/non-toxic subject matter with nice sounds and play tray foldable & adjustable height 8 pair of wheels comfortable cushion folds flat for storage with minimum space with music the vibrant front toys keep baby entertained whether you might be at home or at the go, your baby can be content and comfortable on this walker.

The baby walkers engage babies as they stuffed with toys that keep them entertained while developing the strength to walk. They are designed to stimulate mental growth and provide a visual simulation of walking. As the baby walker engages the infant, the parents can carry on their daily routines.

It provides mobility for babies who are keen to discover new things in life and enable them to take their first step towards walking. The walkers are designed to assist the baby and remove the fear of falling while they learn how to walk.

While baby walkers wheels are generally safe some precautions must be taken while purchasing. The lightweight Infant walkers are generally good as a lot of strength is not required for babies to push them. The panda baby walker 007 price is very reasonable when compared with the other offering in the market, hence there isn’t any excuse not to buy this wonderful product for your little one.

It is always wise to consult the pediatrician before buying any baby product. This baby walker is available on Amazon and other leading e-commerce stores.


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