Reach Best Indoor Cycling Air bike India 2022


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  • Bike type: air bike
  • Back support: no
  • User weight: 100 kg
  • Provide a full-body workout with moving handles
  • LCD digital monitor
  • Belt-drive system
  • Pedal with strap
  • Cushioned Adjustable seat
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


Reach Best Indoor Cycling Air bike India 2022 | Amazon Reviews

Upright Bike

Reach Best Indoor Cycling Air bike India 2022




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Reach Air Bike is a portable, lightweight cycle that is easy to use. It is a stationary cycle that offers a complete body workout. The lower body strengthening is done by the exercise bike, and the movable dual arms can do the upper body workout.

Reach Resistance bike comes with an adjustable tension knob for strengthening the lower body and an LCD digital monitor. A 2-way movable handle cushioned adjustable seat gives riders a great feeling while using the bike. The life fitness cycle weighs only 20 kgs, making it easy to move. The maximum user weight allowed is 100kgs.

Reach Best Indoor Cycling Air bike India 2022 Features

Resistance System

It comes with an adjustable resistance knob to increase or lower the tension during the workout. The user can adjust different resistance levels during workout training, which can accommodate beginners to pro-level athletes.

Upright Bike

Upright Bikes are great for upper body workouts; they offer a realistic cycling experience and correct a rider’s posture. Reach Best Indoor Cycling Air bike offers a similar experience; it provides a basic cardiovascular workout at a meager cost.

Adjustable Seating

The bike’s seat can be easily adjusted to various heights by the rider during use, and the seat is well-cushioned, which enables an excellent rider experience. The adjustable seating is an excellent boon for correct posture, making it conducive to a comfortable and safe workout.

Dual Function Arms

Reach Air Bike comes with dual function arms, they provide options to use stationary handle for lower body workout, or the dual function arms can be used for the entire body workout while pedaling. Although not precisely cross-trainer, it might help someone who wants to work out their upper body too.

Anti-Skid Pedal with adjustable straps

The Anti-skid pedals ensure the user’s feet are secured while training. The wide pedals come with an adjustable strap which the rider can easily adjust.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen can track exercise metrics, i.e., speed, time, distance covered, calories burned, etc.; it uses two easily replaceable AA batteries.

Reach Air Bike Weight

The cycle being lightweight (20 Kgs) and portable, can be easily moved around. Make your home into your very own fitness studio. Reach Best Indoor Cycling Air bike India 2022 assists you in fat burning, improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body, Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and strengthen your core. Your legs will get a simple exercise.

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