Sunbaby Best Baby Walker Rocker Kids Online India 2022


  • Exciting & Robust design to toughen and nurture baby’s first steps
  • Thick Cushioned, washable seats for max comfort for the Baby’s back
  • Height Adjustable Walker with safety locks
  • In order that the peak will also be adjusted in line with the expansion of your baby
  • 360-degree rotational wheels for ease of movement
  • Electronic toys tray with the wheel in order that your baby feels he is driving his own Rideon
  • Musical rhymes to stay your child entertained
  • For assembling and other queries
  • Toll-Free: 9312258822


Sunbaby Best Baby Walker Rocker Kids Online India 2022

Color: Blue/Green

Sunbaby Best Baby Walker is ergonomically designed with a sturdy body frame to support the baby’s first steps. The walker comes with height adjustable locks which can be adjusted according to the baby’s height. It has soft cushioned seats that provide a pain-free walker experience to your baby. The seat is removable and hand or machine washable whenever required for cleaning purposes. It comes with soft breathable fabric keeping in mind the comfort of the baby.

The Sunbaby Walker comes with 3 position height adjustments which can be easily converted from walker to rocker. It comes with an electronic tray that has on/off buttons and other toys to keep the baby engaged and allow the parents to proceed with their daily routines. The musical tray on the front side comes with built-in melodies to keep the baby entertained.

The walkers are designed to stimulate mental growth and provide a visual simulation of walking to the baby. It also helps them in muscle building and strengthens their bones while they move around in the walker. The baby walker is lightweight and sturdy and can be moved in 360 degrees allowing the baby to move around freely in any direction.

Sunbaby Hot Racer Rocking Walker provides mobility for babies who are keen to discover new things in life and enable them to take their first step towards walking. The walkers are designed to assist the baby and remove the fear of falling while they learn to walk on their own.

Walkers are generally designed for babies between 04 to 16 months, this enables them to keep the head upright and stand on their feet and balance themselves.

While baby walkers for boys/ girls are generally safe some precautions must be taken while purchasing. The lightweight Infant walkers are generally good as a lot of strength is not required for babies to push them. It is always recommended to consult the pediatrician before buying any baby product.

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