Sunbaby Butterfly Baby Push Walker Online India 2022


  • Exciting & Sturdy design to reinforce and nurture baby’s first steps
  • Thick Cushioned, washable seats for maximum comfort for the Baby’s back
  • Height Adjustable Walker with safety locks
  • So that the height can also be adjusted according to the growth of your baby
  • 360-degree rotational wheels for ease of movement
  • Electronic toys tray with the wheel
  • So that your baby feels he’s driving his own Rideon
  • Musical rhymes to keep your child entertained
  • Toll-Free Number: 9312258822
  • Sunbaby Butterfly Baby Push Walker


Sunbaby Butterfly Baby Push Walker Online India 2022

Style: Butterfly Walker | Design: Walker | Color: WHITE

Sunbaby Butterfly Baby Push Walker gives those little feet a secure, strong, and sturdy sun baby Height Adjustable Musical Baby Walker to help them walk those first steps of life. Bring home this colorful walker from Sunbaby, which is sure to capture your child’s attention very soon. This is recommended for kids of six to twenty-four months of age.

Life’s little stories bloom with the coming of the little one in your life. It completes your life with many joys of parenthood. For the baby, it’s the next best thing to being in your arms. Entertain your little one and give her or him a personal resting place. So that your little one gets the comfort that’s next only to the warmth of your lap.

Sunbaby Walker with wheels is designed to provide care and comfort to your little one. The walker is excellent quality-wise with a newly improved soft double stitched seat which remains in position even when the baby is removed from the walker. The three positioned height can also be adjusted according to the convenience and increasing height of your baby.

The front musical dashboard has a music button, which when pressed by the baby plays melodious tunes that keep your baby entertained. Additionally, it is foldable and can also be stored easily when not in use. This weight is 2.3 kgs approx. As a mother, you’ll control your baby even as you carry out your daily household work by putting your baby in the Sunbaby walker which helps the baby to “learn to walk and yet be secure”.

While baby walkers are generally safe some precautions must be taken while purchasing. The lightweight Infant walkers are generally good as a lot of strength is not required for babies to push them. It is always recommended to consult the pediatrician before buying any baby product.

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