Know the Difference Between Lactogen vs Nan pro?

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About: Know the Difference Between Lactogen vs Nan pro

Nestle offers two brands of infant formula, i.e., Lactogen 1 and Nan Pro stage 1. Both formulas are appropriate for babies ranging from 0-6months. However, both brands offer different formulations, so parents can choose the one that is best for their baby.

In this article, we’d be comparing both baby milk formula brands and learning their pros, cons, and side effects, if any.

Which is better – Nan Pro or Lactogen?


Nestle Lactogen 1 is a spray-dried milk formula powder; it has a 60:40 whey casein proportion and is a substitute for breast milk for infants up to 6 months. The milk powder is supplemented with Vitamins Taurine, L-Carnitine and Soybean oil.

It also contains milk solids, demineralised whey, Maltodextrin and probiotics, which help to develop good bacteria for the baby’s digestive system. System development and stabilisation are critical priorities in the infant’s first months.

Other vital nutrients include fatty acids such as alanine or choline, which are essential for brain development. Iodine helps to prevent thyroid inflammation, and Iron promotes healthy blood formation.

The Lactogen baby milk formula powder includes 12 minerals and 14 vitamins, which boost the growth process, making it possible for the baby to develop a robust and healthy brain.

Nan Pro

Nestle Nan Pro 1 is a spray-dried milk formula powder preferable for babies up to 6 months old. The milk powder’s main ingredients are Whey Protein, Zinc, Iron, and vitamins A, C and D.

It is simple to digest, and in addition to the above-mentioned essential nutrients, the powder also has DHA and ARA, which are vital to the physical and mental development of the infant.

As you can see, Nestle Nan Pro and Lactogen Stage 1 have different baby milk powder formulas, while it is up to the individual choice to determine which combination is best for their baby. This is where a health worker can be of assistance.

However, Nan Pro is a more beneficial option for infants when compared to Lactogen due to its advanced formulation. While Nestle Nan Pro contains DHA/ARA, Lactogen is dried milk powder without vital nutrients & minerals that promote a baby’s overall development.

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Nestle Lactogen 1 Infant Formula Side Effects

Nestle Lactogen

Although baby milk formula is a well-researched product, there is a distinct possibility that it may not be suitable for all infants.

Nestle Lactogen is simply a spray-dried baby powder that can be used as an alternative to breastmilk if the baby isn’t breastfeeding due to a latching problem or a mother’s medical treatment.

On the other hand, some babies may face digestive issues or irritable bowel movements and gasses due to milk allergy or the additives in the formula. Furthermore, infants might also experience sticky motions and constipation.

Moreover, Lactogen is a spray-dried baby milk powder that works as a substitute for breastfeeding, which tastes more like sweetened or normal milk to the babies.

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However, babies allergic to mother’s or buffalo’s milk may experience stomach ache, cramps and even vomiting after consuming the milk. Hence, it is prudent only to prepare one feed at a given time and dispose of the remaining feed to stop bacterial growth in the mixture.

To protect the baby’s health, follow the instructions on the package, and use sterilised and clean utensils. Before introducing formula to a baby, it is recommended to speak with a paediatrician about the brand, formulation, number of feeds, and other details.

Every pack has a detailed feeding plan, including a list of the feeds you should give each day. Although it may not work for all babies, it is essential to carefully examine each case before making any changes to the baby’s diet.

Nan Pro Side Effects for Babies

Nestle Nan Pro

Nestle Nan Pro 1 is a well-curated baby milk powder that takes care to meet the needs of infants at all stages. It is more than a milk powder as it contains the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals in appropriate quantities required for your baby’s healthy development. Some formula-fed babies may find it difficult to digest because of the inclusions of minerals such as Zinc and Iron.

Similarly, Iron, added in the formulation to improve blood supply, can cause constipation in some babies as their digestive system isn’t well developed. According to reviews from parents, many infants prefer Lactogen over Nan Pro as they also tend to vomit after feeding. Besides constipation or vomiting, there are no side effects of Nan Pro.

Formula feeding, a substitute for breast milk, can be challenging to digest for babies with a weak digestive system. There are also chances for gassy sensations or loose motion, which could cause discomfort in the baby.

Can Nestle Lactogen Cause Constipation?

Nestle Lactogen vs Nan Pro

Previously we have mentioned that Lactogen 1 formulation is a good substitute for breastfeeding. To prepare baby milk formula, you must follow proper techniques such as a sterilised feeding bottle or bowl and lukewarm water to dissolve the formula and form a homogenised feeding mixture.

In most cases, this formula is well-received by infants, but you must remember that you’re feeding milk powder to the baby in liquid form, which isn’t as fluid as mothers’ milk. Therefore, the baby’s intestines can absorb moisture from the mixture and leave behind the solid (especially the undigested ones).

Constipation may result from this solid as infants’ intestines, digestive organs, and stomach development are still in flux. However, this may not always be the case as some babies will adapt to the baby formula milk quickly without any problems.

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If your baby is experiencing a similar problem, the best thing to do is give liquid water to them at regular intervals; that will help to keep their system hydrated and fresh. During feed intervals, make it a habit to give your baby water, ideally with some gripe water, to prevent gas buildup and colic.

Conclusion – Difference Between Lactogen vs Nan Pro

For many reasons, baby milk powder formula is a must-have if your baby is facing similar problems such as latching on to the nipple, lower milk production in mothers or the baby refusing to drink breast milk.

Most working mothers have to return to their duties after a maternity leave, which is the most common reason to wean an infant from the mother’s breast milk. To avoid any future problems, it is essential to get the baby used to mothers’ milk substitutes.

To overcome this problem, nestle has introduced two baby milk formulas for babies aged 0-6 months as a result of the study. Each formula has a different composition; while Nan Pro is reinforced with essential vitamins and minerals, the Lactogen is spray-dried baby milk powder.

Although you can decide which brand is best for their baby, we recommend that you consult with a paediatrician and ask which brand they use in the hospital. Lastly, remember that breast milk is a baby’s most nutrient-filled food!

That concludes the difference between Lactogen vs Nan Pro topic. Do let your comments below. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve used these products in the past or using it currently.