What to Apply on Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India

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What to Apply on Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India? | How to Stop Breastfeeding for a 2-year-old | Medicine to Stop Baby from Breastfeeding | Bitter ointment to Stop Breastfeeding | Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding.

There are numerous health benefits of breastfeeding, such as providing ideal nutrition to the infant to strengthen their immune system against common diseases. Breastfeeding tightens the bond between the mother and child. But as the baby grows, it needs to be weaned off from the mother’s milk to solid foods.

While most mothers don’t want to give up on breastfeeding, many of us do. But if you have a child that is barely talking yet, it may be time to wean. While it is not a simple task, the process can be successful. Here are some tips to help you wean your baby.

Listed below are some tips from doctors and other experts. Keep in mind that weaning your baby is a process, and there are no rules that must be followed in every single case. We’d also see What to Apply on Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India?

When should I wean my baby from breastmilk?

First, you must understand that stopping breastfeeding is a personal decision. If you’re unsure about whether it’s the right time, talk to your paediatrician. You might have reasons to stop breastfeeding your baby, such as getting back to work or planning your next baby.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that a baby must be breastfed entirely for up to 6 months; after that, the mother’s milk can be supplemented with other food until the age of two. Since breast milk not only feeds the baby but also aids in the baby’s overall development.

If you’re facing pain during feeding due to sore nipples, a shortage of milk, or your baby has grown past two years of age; you can start the weaning process. You can consult your doctor or a lactation consultant for practical advice on handling difficulties.

How can I wean my baby off breast milk?

Firstly, you need to understand that weaning is a process that cannot be achieved overnight, and you can be content with the results, even if they are not immediate. You start by skipping the breastfeeding once or twice a day but avoid skipping for a prolonged period, as this could lead to breast pain and engorgement.

Consider including fruits and vegetable soup in your baby’s diet, which will divert their attention from breast milk, and they will ultimately develop a liking for these baby foods. Furthermore, these foods will make them feel full and increase their appetite for such foods.

You can find ways to change the habits of your baby. If you have to stop the baby from breastfeeding, ensure they get a nutritious and heavy meal.

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What to Apply on Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India?

How to Stop Breastfeeding for a 2-year-old

If your baby isn’t weaning off from breast milk, then you need to apply something to the nipple to compel her to stop breastfeeding. These are a few valuable things that help.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice is the worst thing you could ever taste. It is a proven method to apply to your nipples to stop breastfeeding in India. It is safe and healthy, not only for your skin but also for any baby who ingests it. Taste-wise it is awful, which will ensure your baby won’t go back to breastfeeding after tasting it.

Raw Cabbage Leaves

Another dadi ka nuska is raw cabbage leaves. You can absorb milk by placing raw cabbage leaves underneath your bra. Once the milk flow dries out, your baby will be more interested in other foods and stop breastfeeding. But remember to change the leaves every two hours as it can cause skin irritation. This method works like a charm.

Neem Oil

Next on the list of How to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year-old is neem oil. It is known for its pungent smell and bitter taste, which can act as a repellent and would help you wean your baby from breastfeeding. Since neem oil is a natural extract of neem leaves, it won’t hurt the baby if it ingests, making it one of the most popular choices in the what to apply on nipples to stop breastfeeding in India category.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the safest home remedies to stop breastfeeding. As lemons are readily available in the kitchen, you can try this method. Squeeze a few drops of lemon and apply it to your nipple with the help of your fingers or by using cotton balls. The bitter, citrusy taste will make your baby look for other foods instead of breast milk, and since the lemon juice contains no artificial preservatives, it won’t cause any harm to the baby if it ingests. If lemon juice fails to deliver the desired results, you can try ginger juice as an alternative.

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Which is the Best Medicine to Stop Baby from Breastfeeding?

Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding

If home remedies don’t work for you, then it’s time to consult your doctor for medicine. You can use femite lotion that is available in a 9ml bottle which is used to prevent babies from sucking their thumb.

This lotion has a bitter taste that will help you wean off the baby from breast milk and won’t cause any harm even if consumed by the baby. You can apply a few drops of lotion to your nipples and leave them to dry; once done, you can start breastfeeding.

Femite is considered the best medicine to stop baby from breastfeeding and is prescribed by paediatricians around the globe. It must be used on a doctor’s advice and recommendations as with any medicine.

How long does weaning take?

This process can be slow and takes patience. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, babies often lose interest in nursing between 8 and 10 months.

It’s best to transition your baby to a sippy cup and solid foods as soon as possible if your baby is over nine months. That will allow you to avoid having your child go through another transition from the bottle to the cup a few months later.

All children should have stopped using their bottles by their first birthday. To allow your child time to become comfortable with the cup and to be able to drink from it, introduce the cup to them about a month before you begin the weaning process.

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I hope the above suggestions answer your question on What to Apply to Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India? But mothers remember that breastfeeding is a beautiful process that strengthens the bond between the baby and mother. Additionally, it is also a rich source of nutrients and provides immunity.

The best way to start the weaning process is by combining solid foods with breastfeeding. Once the baby begins to develop a liking for other foods, you can slowly start to skip the nursing process. And, if your baby is reluctant to let go the breastfeeding naturally, you can use the above methods, which can act as a catalyst to wean the baby off the breast milk.

But remember, the weaning process takes time. Don’t expect overnight results. If nothing works, you can consult your doctor for medicine to stop baby from breastfeeding.