The Thirsty Crow Story for Nursery with Moral

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About: The Thirsty Crow Story for Nursery with Moral

The thirsty crow story is an old classic with a moral that has remained timeless, thanks to the simplicity of its plot and its subtle moral lessons. The thirsty crow character exemplifies the virtue of smart work, persistence, and hard work.

Not only does the thirsty crow’s plight teach a child the principles of physics, but it also teaches them about the importance of patience and persistence in accomplishing goals.

In this post, we tell you the thirsty crow story in English with moral, and will explain you how we can use the learnings from this story in our daily life.

The Thirsty Crow Story with Moral

the thirsty crow story in english

In a hot summer day with scorching heat, a thirsty crow flew into the village in search of water. The crow flew above the trees, fields, and houses in search of water but couldn’t find any. He finally found a farm after a long search. A pitcher of water was hidden under one of the trees.

The crow was happy to have finally found water and swooped down to get it. He quickly moved towards the pitcher, and looked in. The crow tried to put his beak into the narrow neck pot, but couldn’t reach the water as the pot contained very little water.

He tried pushing the vessel down to get the water out, but it was just too heavy. The crow was disheartened. He was very thirsty and desperately needed water. He could have given up on his search for water and flew to another farm.

He didn’t. Instead, he looked around, and thought, “What other options are there?” He noticed that the farm had a lot of pebbles. He got an idea! He took a pebble from the ground and put it in the pitcher, then he added another pebble and another and so on. As he added more stones to the pitcher, the water level rose until it reached the top.

The crow quenched his thirst by drinking the water and returned home happily!

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What is the Moral of the Thirsty Crow Story?

So, this was the thirsty crow story in English. It has a beautiful moral which works in our daily lives.

  • It educates the kids to be persistent in their efforts and never give up easily.
  • The thirsty crow story educates the kids to think out of the box when things aren’t going their way. Furthermore, it also teaches them the importance of being street smart.
  • Lastly, this fable teaches us the importance of hard work which pays off in the long run.

Thirsty crow story is one of the most cherished Aesop’s fable which has been passed on by the generation. The story perfectly blends into today’s world and teaches your little one the importance of fighting spirit.

If you’re looking for the story book for narration, you can find the link below. The book contains images for better understanding and is fun to read with you kid.

The Thirsty Crow Story in English Written

The Thirsty Crow Story in English Written

Alternately, there is a new way of storytelling which if different than the traditional way, i.e., board games. Recently I came across this interesting Thirsty Crow Story Game Online board game on Amazon. This trendy way of learning is easy and fun. Here’s the product link

Thirsty Crow Wooden Board Game

Thirsty Crow Wooden Board Game