6 Best Maternity Pads for New Moms Post Delivery India

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About: 6 Best Maternity Pads for New Moms Post Delivery India

Motherhood is often seen as an exciting and new experience; however, it comes with unique series of pleasures and challenges. While we go to great lengths in preparing for a baby’s arrival, we often miss an essential factor, i.e., post-pregnancy Mothercare.

Post-delivery of your baby, you will often bleed for an extended period of time; that phenomenon is called postpartum bleeding. To handle this bleeding, mothers need maternity pads designed to absorb the vaginal discharge and mucus a woman produces post-pregnancy.

So, let’s look into the use of maternity pads and other factors which will allow you to know more about this less discussed topic.

best maternity pads in India

Which are the Best Maternity Pads for New Moms?

Post-pregnancy, I tried a few brands on my gynaecologist, Mrs Devi Singh, recommendation; while there were a few hit and misses, I found a couple of brands up to the mark. However, after use, my favourite motherhood pad is Abena Maternity Pads for Women.

I’d recommend buying a minimum of 4 or 5 packs. That stock will cover your hospital and initial days at home, and this will allow you to stay focused on your baby without distraction and recover soon.

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What are Maternity Pads? Do you really need them?

At first, you can think of maternity pads as a marketing gimmick that isn’t different from traditional sanitary napkins. Well, you aren’t the first one and neither last, even I had the same thoughts when my gynaecologist introduced me to maternity pads.

Unlike regular sanitary pads, maternity pads are made from super-absorbent organic cotton. They’re thick, soft, and fluffy and are perfect for those first few weeks after delivery or for women experiencing excessive flow.

They’re also better than any other sanitary pad. And they’re the best choice if you’re dealing with prolonged, heavy, or swollen postpartum.

Lochia, or the postpartum bleeding in which remnants of the placenta are shed, is very heavy, and regular sanitary pads cannot take on the flow. Additionally, postpartum bleeding could be present for up to eight weeks, and using standard pads could cause severe damage to the inner areas.

Best Maternity Pads After Delivery in India 2024

NewMom Dynamic Maternity Pads – Maxi

NewMom Dynamic Maternity Pads Maxi

The Newmom Dynamic Maternity Pads comes with a super absorbent polymer that locks in extra moisture and prevents leakages. It comes with a pack of 20 pads which is excellent considering the price. The pads come with elastic side gathering, which ensures the pad fits the underwear properly and prevent any leakages.

The Newmom maternity pad is made of a soft, non-woven top layer that doesn’t irritate the post-pregnancy stitches and causes no irritation or inconvenience while using.


  • Value for money
  • Excellent during heavy bleeding
  • Avoids unpleasant smell
  • It comes with four disposable panties


  • Elastic Sides are smaller.

Abena Premium Maternity Pads

Abena Premium Maternity Pads

Abena Maternity Pads are super-absorbent maternity pads made from high-quality materials; these pads are fully breathable and super soft, which enhances user comfort. Additionally, they come in a pack of 14 pads, making them economical.

These pads are highly absorbent and provide a leakproof barrier for the ultimate protection during postpartum. Also, they are dermatologically tested to guarantee an irritation & rashes free user experience, making them one of the best maternity pads in India.

This product has 6500+ customer reviews on Amazon and has a 4.5 out of 5 user ratings. Most users are happy with the quick absorption and leakproof protection and consider it a must-buy product for mothers in the post-pregnancy stage.


  • Superior leak protection
  • It comes with self-adhesive strips to prevent corner leakages
  • Made of super soft material
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Bit expensive

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Pee safe Maternity Pads

Pee safe Maternity Pads

Pee Safe is a renowned brand in the maternity pad niche; the pads are made from 3 layers of super-absorbent material and a non-woven super-soft upper layer. The manufacturer claims that these pads can absorb up to 750 ml of fluid during the post-pregnancy stage and prevent foul odour.

These pads are ergonomically designed, have a width of 480mm, and come with elastic sides, preventing any accidental leakages. I have personally used these pads and found that even after 2 hours, they stay dry due to the high absorption technology making them one of the best maternity pads in India.


  • Anatomical shape for air circulation
  • 480mm long for optimal coverage & protection
  • Absorption up to 750 ml
  • Lock odour from spreading


  • The adhesive strip doesn’t stick well
  • No wings to keep it fixed to pants

Azah Ultra Absorbent Organic Maternity Pads

Azah Ultra Absorbent Organic Maternity Pads

If you’re looking for Organic Maternity Pads, you can’t go wrong by choosing Azah. These ultra-absorbent pads come in a pack of 25 pads certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. It has a super-absorbent core that offers 4x absorption than any other maternity pad and has an extra-long length of 420mm with a broad back that offers leak protection.

Moreover, these pads use pure cotton, are free of any plastic or toxins, and are designed to withstand up to 500 ml of fluid discharge. Azah Maternity pads come with a fine texture that is skin-friendly and offers a rash & irritation-free experience.

Since these pads are made from organic materials, they are a bit more expensive than the other maternity pads available in the market. It has an approval rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 at Amazon, and most users like the absorption and skin-friendly texture of the pad and like the fact that they come with a disposable bag which is a great feature.


  • Organic cotton pad made from natural materials
  • Ultra-soft and hypoallergic
  • Extra-long and leak proof
  • It comes with a superior absorbent core
  • FDA approved


  • Pricing on the higher side

Manvicare Biodegradable Maternity Pads

Best Maternity Pads for New Moms Post Delivery India

Another pocket-friendly option among the best maternity pads in India is Manvicare Biodegradable Maternity Pads for new moms. The user liked them for their gel-based technology, which keeps the private areas dry and clean no matter how heavy your flow is.

This bio-degradable pad comes with extra length and side wings which ensures there aren’t any unwanted leakages from the sides. Furthermore, the manufacturing of these pads is done without human intervention, and they are chemical and bacteria-free.


  • Bio-degradable cotton pads
  • Antibacterial Aion layer which prevents bacteria
  • It comes with gel technology which converts liquid into gel instantaneously.
  • Side wings eliminate friction between thighs & Pads.


  • It can be too long for some users.

Profiklen Maternity Pads

Profiklen Maternity Pads

Last but not least, the Profiklen Maternity Pads are made of highly absorbent material, which is ideal for postpartum bleeding. They are made of soft, antibacterial outer layers that are skin-friendly and don’t irritate the skin.

The size of the maternity pads is perfect and fits well in the undergarment, thus preventing back and side flow. Overall Profiklen Maternity Pad is ideal for post-natal incontinence.


  • Soft, cushioned maternity pad
  • Perfect for women who need extra-long pads


  • Availability can be tricky
  • The adhesive strip doesn’t stick well
  • It doesn’t come with side wings

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How To Choose The Right Maternity Pads?

Be aware of these points before purchasing the best maternity pads in India.

  1. Type: All the way from traditional to winged, reusable, incontinence, and many more, you can select from the wide range of maternity pads.
  2. Absorption: The postpartum bleeding or lochia can be heavy. Hence, you’d need a pad with a high absorption capacity.
  3. Free of fragrance: Fragrances can disturb the vaginal pH balance. Hence choose maternity pads free of fragrance, as, after delivery, your body will be sensitive, and anything that is not natural can cause irritation.
  4. Material: Consider pads made of natural materials such as cotton; also look for pads that are chlorine-free and skin-friendly.

FAQs About Post Pregnancy Maternity Pads

Are Sanitary and Maternity Pads similar?

No! They aren’t the same. Maternity pads are designed for the post-pregnancy stage when the postpartum fluid discharge is heavy. Whereas a new mother can switch back to sanitary pads once the postpartum bleeding is over.

When should you use maternity pads?

You can immediately start using postpartum pads after the delivery, as during that period, you will pass postpartum discharge. Depending on the bleeding, you may need to use them for up to eight weeks.

How many Pads will I need in my hospital bag?

Ideally, you need to carry around 3-4 packs of maternity pads with you; if you’re bleeding heavily, you need to change the pads every 5-6 hours. Moreover, it is a good idea to carry them in excess in your hospital bag to prevent any mishaps.

Can I use regular pads after birth?

It isn’t good to use regular sanitary pads after delivery as they are designed to handle the heavy post-pregnancy discharge. Using them instead of maternity pads can cause leakages, strains and embarrassment. Also, regular pads can irritate your post-pregnancy sensitive areas as they aren’t as soft as maternity pads.


Maternity pads are a saviour to the new mothers; they not only save you from accidental leakages but also makes sure that your sensitive inmate areas stay infection and rashes free. There are multiple benefits of using maternity pads over sanitary pads during postpartum bleeding.

You can still use sanitary napkins if you want to save money but be prepared for challenges such as rashes, irritation or, at worst, skin infection since they aren’t designed to handle heavy discharge and can keep your vaginal area moist.

Whereas maternity pads are designed to absorb the excess amount of lochia and keep your inmate area dry and odour free without staining your clothes. The benefits of using maternity pads clearly outweigh its costs and let you concentrate on bonding with your baby.

Hence, I’d recommend using Abena Premium Maternity Pads which are ideal for post-pregnancy discharge. Do let me know your thoughts by commenting on this article. Happy parenting!

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